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Unlike a hybrid car—which is fueled by gasoline and uses a battery and motor to improve efficiency—an electric car is powered exclusively by electricity. Historically, EVs have not been widely adopted because of limited driving range before needing to be recharged, long recharging times, and a lack of commitment by automakers to produce and market electric cars that have all the creature comforts of gas-powered cars. That’s changing. As battery technology improves—simultaneously increasing energy storage and reducing cost—major automakers are expected to begin introducing a new generation of electric cars.

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Jul 3

Red, White, Blue…and Green are Patriotic!

America the Beautiful for many means good stewardship of our “amber waves of grain,” “purple mountains,” “fruited plains,” and “shining seas.”

Driving greener cars through the “redwood forests” and around the “gulf stream waters” is one way we can all participate in that stewardship.

Green cars help lower air pollution, conserve the last few pockets of oil available, and can save families truckloads money when gas prices skyrocket, which happens more often than not these days. 

Better yet, the latest round of most fuel efficient cars, including many hybrids and EVs, are as affordable as any non-luxury gas guzzler.

As car makers continue to step up and create more and more vehicles that offer highly efficient and alternative fuel technologies, the possiblity of consumers getting better deals than ever on the cars increases.

With all that in mind, presents our list of the most fuel efficient cars, trucks, SUVs and vans for this Fourth of July car shopping season.

We’ve included all the hybrids, EVs, and TDIs, as well as many all-gas cars, both luxury and standard.

Request your free quotes today and you may get more savings than you bargained for!

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Jun 2

Garages in single-family homes are relatively easy to wire for electric-car charging; shared garages in multifamily residences often aren’t.

Therein lies much frustration, not only for plug-in car drivers but also their landlords.

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May 9

… increased demand and ever-increasing export charges from China, where 95 percent of all rare earth metals are being mined, has prompted Japanese automaker Honda to announce a plan to recycle rare earth metals from dead hybrid car battery packs.


Read the full article by Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield @ Green Car Reports: Honda Starts Hybrid Battery Pack Rare Earth Metal Recycling

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Apparently, location, location, location is the latest twist on electric vehicles and the environment: Whether an electric car such as the Nissan Leaf protects the atmosphere from greenhouse gases depends on where it’s charged, according to a new study. Such a car is no better than a standard gasoline-powered subcompact such as a Hyundai Elantra in cities such as Denver and Wichita, but far exceeds even the best hybrids in Southern California.


Read the full article by Jerry Hirsch @ The Los Angeles Times: Electric cars can be no better for global warming, in some cities

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Although the number of hybrid models in the U.S. continues to grow, few people who own one are sticking with the technology when they go to buy another car.


Read the full article by Jerry Hirsch @ The Los Angeles Times: Few hybrid vehicle owners are repeat buyers

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So you’re in the market for a new car. Fantastic.

You’ve done the research—looking at list prices, EPA fuel ratings, and all manner of other factors—and you know you want something fuel-efficient and easy on the environment.

But what will that car really cost over, say, five years of ownership?


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Apr 8

Buoyed by record monthly sales of its Chevy Volt hybrid electric plug-in car in March, General Motors will resume production of the Volt at the Detroit Hamtramck plant one week early, the United Auto Workers told Talking Points Memo on Tuesday night.


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It’s an assertion that comes up a lot in comments on our stories.

It goes, essentially, like this: No one recognizes the horrible pollution problems that will arrive when hybrid and electric cars are junked, and their nickel-metal-hydride and lithium-ion battery packs go into landfills.

It’s a worthwhile concern. But that’s just not going to happen, for two reasons:

(1) Automakers are well aware of the concern, and they already have programs set up…


Read the full article by John Voelcker @ Green Car Reports: Will Old Electric-Car Battery Packs Cause Horrible Pollution?

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Consumer Interest in the Chevy Volt Appears to be Competitive with Interest in the Toyota Prius

During the past couple of weeks of ever increasing gas prices, about 19% of consumers requesting quotes on electric/hybrid cars at chose the #2 Chevrolet Volt.

In the realm of eco-friendly cars, this market share is significant because of its high proximity to #1 Toyota Prius, all iterations of which constituted about 31% of total requests at for electric/hybrids during the same period.

When compared to the traditional (non-plug-in) Prius alone, the Volt’s 19% share hugged the traditional Prius’ 23% very closely, leaving little room for comfort.

Considering the longevity of the Prius in the marketplace (long enough for this writer to refer to it as “traditional”) consumer interest in the newbie Volt suggests that the ability of Chevrolet to compete the Volt against the kingpin of green cars is more successful than implied by GM’s month long production halt of its premier EV.

This year, in direct competition to the Volt, Toyota is releasing an EV-Plug-In version of the Prius.

Both vehicles can be operated for short distances on 100% electric power before a recharge is required. This means that drivers can run the cars on electricity in perpetuity, if a timely recharge schedule is maintained. 

The EPA states that the Chevy Volt achieves about 94 eMPG, and 37 mpg when gasoline is needed.

Toyota states that the not-yet rated Prius Plug-In achieves about 95 eMPG, and about 50 mpg when gasoline is needed.

The MSRP of the Volt is about $350 less than the MSRP for the Prius Plug-In, but over $7000 more than for the traditional Prius.

- From Laura Mauney @

"GM To Add 'EcoLogic' Tag To New Cars, Shows Green Lifecycle"


Excerpt: ”It’s all very well selling a car on the back of low emissions or great fuel economy, but how do you know if its been environmentally unfriendly to make? Or whether it’ll all go to landfill when it dies?”

Feb 5

Cleared by U.S. safety investigators, GM-owned Chevrolet is now looking to rebuild confidence in the Chevy Volt with a trial a solution that will allow electric vehicle drivers to charge up using renewable power.

- via The New York Daily News: Chevy hopes Volt power trial catches fire

What the? Diesel sales up, hybrids down in U.S. - Autos

by Nicholas Maronese @

"DOE, EPA Release the 2012 Annual Fuel Economy Guide"

The US Fuel Economy website is a great resource for information about which cars, trucks, and SUVs get the best gas mileage. Find out more @

Get free price or lease quotes on the most fuel efficient vehicles @

Will Thanksgiving Weekend 2011 Offer Big Deals for New Car Buyers?

Most likely, says! Online car shopping activity during the 2010 Thanksgiving weekend indicates that the auto industry’s rebound from its 2008 ultra-plunge may be even heartier in 2011.

Based on ten years of performance data logged for Thanksgiving week by, 2010 automobile research patterns on the Internet were fairly consistent with behaviors prior to the recession.

Historically - preceded by a holiday lull - auto sales bounce back bigtime on Black Friday, with strong performance through the weekend, followed by a super-surge on Cyber Monday.

2008 was different due to the unhappy combo of bank collapses and car dealership closures across the country.

The auto industry saw some improvement in 2009, but Black Friday 2010 looks more like the real pivot point for the comeback.

According to, Black Friday is the “best day” to buy a car due to generous incentives typically offered by dealerships.

Savvy consumers looking for bargains on new cars might be wise to pay heed this year, and take the plunge over the long holiday weekend.

In addition to deep pricing discounts, cash back offers and low APRs on financing, dealers may be more willing to specially negotiate on 2011 models in an effort to clear the remaining 2011 inventory from their lots.

Based upon data so far for November 2011, the following 2011 models continue to be some of hottest sellers this fall:

  • Toyota Prius
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Chevrolet Camaro
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Dodge Charger
  • Honda CR-V
  • Ford F-150
  • GMC Yukon

Visit the website at to read reviews, request local dealer quotes, and more.

- from Laura Mauney @